At times you may call our Department for emergency or non-emergency requests. We want you to know that the person who answers the phone is not just a voice on the other end, but rather a trained and experienced professional. He or she is a highly-qualified individual who has spent numerous hours training to handle all types of calls. Here are our dispatchers:

Dispatcher Mark Anderson

Dispatcher Karen Troll

Dispatcher Alexis Russo 

PT Dispatcher Karl Petsching

Per-diem Dispatcher Kevin Pressley

Per-diem Dispatcher Chris Dalton

About the Communication Center

Many people are familiar with what dispatchers do, but not everyone is familiar with the technology and resources we use to perform our required duties. Here is a short explanation of what you can find in the Scituate Police Department dispatch area.

The Dispatchers of the Scituate Police Department work in what is known as the Front Communications Center, an office located at the entrance to the police station. This office is the link between the department and the general public. All emergency, non-emergency and informational telephone and walk-in calls are received in this office and either redirected to the correct department or answered with a police response. The department has several business telephone lines and 9-1-1 dedicated lines that all ring in this office.

The Front Communications Center also utilizes an advanced radio system. Our main radio frequency is used to communicate with the Scituate Fire, Public Works, and Emergency Management Departments. We also monitor the RISPERN statewide radio system at all times.

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