Vin Checks
Firearms Permits

VIN Checks daily between 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM

and/or 7:30 PM - 8:00PM




(if unable to transport, call the department for guidance)




The Scituate Police Dept is authorized to issue permits to carry a concealed firearm in accordance with RIGL 11-47-11.


All inquiries shall be made to Chief Eric Rollinson or Toni DePalo

at 401-821-5900 or by e-mail using the link below.

All applicants will need to come down to the Station to fill out all necessary paperwork.

Public Records Request

A Scituate Police Public Records Request Form may be completed.  Pursuant of RI General Law 38-2-7, the dept. is provided up to 10 business days to comply or deny access for a record

Backround Checks

Monday to Friday 7AM-3PM

For Finger Printing Call: 401-821-5900

By Appointment only.

A BCI form must be filled out at the time of the appointment 


Fingerprinting: $40.00

BCI: $5.00

To schedule an appointment please call: 401-821-5900 or click the button below!

Accident Reports
Elderly Affairs

Accident Reports require 2-4 business days to process.


If picking up from the Police Department you must call first to arrange for a copy to be made available )

Patrolman Richard Parenti is responsible for providing assistance to the Elderly.  He is the liason to the Department of Elderly Affairs.


If you need assistance, contact Ptlm. Parenti at 401-821-5900 or by email using the link below.

Click on the PDF Icon to the left to view the procedure for turning in Firearms.

Sex Offender Information 

Officer Jason Washburn and Administrative Assistant Jackie Kozusko are responsible for for all information pertaining to Sex Offenders in the Town of Scituate.


If you have any questions regarding sex offenders in our town please click the link below or contact Officer Washburn or Jackie at 401-821-5900 or by email using the links below.

Juvenile Hearing Board

Deputy Chief David Mack is in charge of the Juvenile Hearing Board and can answer any questions that you may have. Please contact DC Rich at 401-821-5900 Mon-Fri 7A-3P or email him using the link below. 


Deputy Chief  David Mack is our Court Officer. If you have any questions regarding your court dates or proceedings please contact DC Mack at 401-821-5900 or by clicking the link below.

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